How to participate


Goto participate page in which contest you want to participate. See All Contests page. You will find there a participate code "MyFirstContest" copy it and paste it in bottom box and then click on participate button. Congratulations !! you have participated.
For more understanding please see below image:


a. Provided that nothing else has been indicated, those entitled to participate shall include all individuals who are of legal age. Minors and those who are of age whose legal competency is limited, must understand terms and conditions in order to participate.
b. Provided that nothing else has been indicated, a person enters the contest by providing a response to all of the competition’s questions and/or also sending in required material (e.g. photographs, texts, drawings), filling out the registration form and submitting it. Entering and initiating participation to a Competition implies unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions. Each Participant will accordingly be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions and accepted them in full together with any decisions taken by the Organizer.
c. One person may take part in multiple contests.
d. Should participant confirm to be the rightful owner of any and all (intellectual) property rights related to the uploaded.
e. The participant shall be responsible for the accuracy of the required information, especially the e-mail address. Mr. & Miss Contest shall assume no liability for incomplete or inaccurate information. In the case of indicating false personal information, disqualification from the contest can take place according to point 5 in the Terms and Conditions.